Transparency: transparent without sediment

Taste and smell: typical for sunflower oil without impurities and bitterness

Color number, mg iodine, max: 10

Acid number: mg Koh/g, max: 1.0

Peroxide number, About 0,5 mol/kg, max:

– at the time of release from the enterprise: 3,0

– at the end of shelf life: 10,0

Mass fraction of phosphoprous-containing matter, %, max:

– in terms of stereolife: 0,1

– in terms of P2O5: 0,009

Mass fraction lean impurities, % max: 0,01

Mass fraction of moisture and volatile substances, % max: 0,1

Wax and wax-like substances: not permitted

The degree of transparency, FEM, max: 25

Anisidin number: not specified