The UK Grains company – the supplier of natural food ingredients of an agricultural origin for small and medium business.


        We deliver the agricultural production which is grown up in Ukraine to Great Britain and other countries of Western Europe, and also to the countries of the Middle East, Asia and Africa. The main specialization of our company is grain crops and seeds of different types, beans & pulses, origin vegetable oil, dairy (dry) products.


The RSM Plus company is our reliable partner in Ukraine, in  the manufacturing country.

Effective communications and positive experience of cooperation of representatives of the RSM Plus company with the best producers in the territory of Ukraine allow us to deliver the high-quality agricultural products conforming to the international standards.


        Today the company delivers several tens names of agricultural production, the geography of deliveries extends constantly.


        Our clients are both small farms, and the large organizations of an agrarian and industrial complex and also distilleries and confectioneries. We work with deliveries of any volume.


        There are main types of production:

  • vegetable oil for sale is presented  by yellow corn/mais , sunflower, linen , soy oils, besides soy’s meal and cake, and also   sunflower’s meal and cake are available to realization;
  • dairy products: powdered skim milk, casein, butter;
  • nuts: a huzelnut, a peanut, a walnut (it is possible to buy nuts online);
  • beans&pulses: lentil, beans, haricot, peas green, peas yellow;
  • seeds: poppy, mustard (different types), coriander, sunflower, flax, pumpkin, raipseed;
  • we sell grain online. Import of grain from Ukraine includes wheat, rye, oats, yellowcorn/mais, barley, millet, a sorghum;
  • flour: wheat, yellow corn/mais.


        A client will have following features of cooperation with us:

  • the application for delivery of production is made out quickly and simply;
  • the range of our production includes a large number of types;
  • production is delivered at low market prices;
  • quality of production is brought into full accord with the existing international standards;
  • we prepare the necessary volume of production for each client in advance;
  • terms of deliveries are coordinated previously with the client and  maintained carefull;
  • the center of logistics provides delivery of grain crops to convenient time in the necessary volume.


        To make the order on any kind of production  it is necessary to call the specified number, to fill a form of the application or to order a call back  and representatives of the company will contact you soon.

How it Works