About Us

        The UK Grains company imports from Ukraine agricultural production from the largest producers. We have positive experience of cooperation with the enterprises of various forms of ownership from small-scale and average farms of private type to the large enterprises of an agricultural profile.


The RSM Plus company is our reliable partner in Ukraine, in  the manufacturing country.

Effective communications and positive experience of cooperation of representatives of the RSM Plus company with the best producers in the territory of Ukraine allow us to deliver the high-quality agricultural products conforming to the international standards.


        Today the UK Grains company successfully carries out import grain to Great Britain and countries of Western Europe, and also to the countries of the Middle East, Asia and Africa. We work on expansion of geography of deliveries.


        Our company delivers such types of agricultural products:

  • grain crops: yellow corn/mais, barley, rye, oats, wheat, millet, sorghum;
  • seeds: poppy, mustard (different types), coriander, sunflower, flax, pumpkin, raipseed;
  • beans&pulses: lentil, haricot, beans, peas green, peas yellow;
  • oils: sunflower, yellow corn/mais, linen, soy, and also soy’s meal and cake, meal and cake of sunflower;
  • nuts: peanut, walnut, hazelnut;
  • dairy products: (dry) – casein, skim milk, butter;
  • flour: wheat, yellow corn/mais.


        All  assortment of products is selected for reasons of compliance of their quality to the existing international standards.


        Advantages of cooperation with the UK Grains company:

  • production is delivered at competitive market prices;
  • ecological characteristics of the delivered production are high as all production grows on natural fertilizers with application of the balanced food of the soil;
  • just before sending each lot of products passes control of compliance of  its quality to the international standards with providing the corresponding certificates;
  • existence of the center of logistics guarantees delivery of a lot of products of each type of necessary volume and to established periods.


        The range of production exported from Ukraine constantly extends due to receipt of new samples and at the moment makes several tens positions.   To make the order on any kind of production it is necessary to call the specified number, to fill a form of the application or to order a call back – and representatives of the company will contact you soon.